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What do you want leaders to do with technology?

28 Feb

Digital leadership is a strategic mindset and set of behaviors that leverages resources to create a meaningful, transparent, and engaging school culture.-Eric Sheninger in Digital Leadership

This quote I believe sums up what I think is a quality of a leader who displays Digital leadership.  Today  mankind is faced with a situation where 90% of information that was created has been done in the last 2 years. In such a scenario, unless educators  embrace technology, we are going to be left behind. By “embrace”, I do not just mean knowing about the existence of an app or a tool but also being able to actively embed it with a purpose into curriculum delivery. This requires a change in mindset of leaders and educators and  a shift in traditional pedagogical practices to be able to implement with success. It is more than just getting kids familiar with a tool and more about filing their back with tools that they can use to collect, connect, create and innovate as they learn from and with each other in the digital world that they live in. No longer will it just be enough to get kids to use ipads and computers to play video games and type up their assignments. Leaders today will need to get kids connected to kids from all around the planet as they collaborate and work towards creating  new knowledge.


Understanding Myself Better through a Colour!

26 Feb

Recently I was part of a group that engaged in a personality Dimension Activity. By answering a variety of questions, an individual gets to know what colour he/she  is. The 4 colours that the program classifies individuals into  based on characteristic qualities is green, blue, orange and gold

It was a great experience engaging in the various activities and  reiterated to me that my colour is green!!! Although I must say looking at  the various outfits that I have in my closet should have told me that I would end up being predominantly green and then followed closely by blue!!!!

This was a great learning activity as in the end it was fun to get to know more about oneself. In most cased, it was an Aha! moment when participants realized that they were able to rightly recognize and place themselves in the correct colour category, even before we engaged in any of the tasks.

It was also interesting to get to know what colour band my colleagues fit into. There were many I told you so moments!!!!!

IT was great learning experience!!!!